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A man with “Man on Fire” syndrome suffers from a genetic condition that prevents him from turning on heating in the winter, because he feels as if he is burning alive.

Lee Packer, 29, from Limehouse, east London, suffers from painful redness or erythomelalgia, the medical name for a condition that causes second-degree physical burn.

The patient cannot cook the food on the stove, because if the temperature exceeds 20 ° C, he begins to burn and his skin turns light red.

This disorder causes the blood pump to stop circulating properly around the body, when there is a slight decrease in the thermometer. This means that a man must stay in a room with a temperature of exactly 17 degrees Celsius, nothing more.

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“It feels like I’m grilling in the oven, it’s very painful,” Parker said. “I feel like I’m burning alive. Cases affect the entire right side of my body, so I often find it difficult to move my arms and legs. I can also find it difficult to walk. I Capable of taking care of myself and bathing but I have to be very careful. ”

Erythromelalia, which affects one in every 100,000 people, causes episodes of burning pain and redness in the feet, hands, arms, legs, ears and face.

The pain can range from mild to severe, with only slight tingling like nails and needles, and even severe burning pain.

Parker had to give up his retail job after being diagnosed with an incurable condition 5 years ago.

“I received treatment every 3 months, including drugs through an intravenous infusion that opens blood vessels. This will be a regular routine for the rest of my life, I still need to get used to it,” Parker added.

Source: Daily Mail


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