A hungry lion kidnaps a child from his neck … and the father uses an unexpected trick to save him


A man, almost miraculously, managed to save his young child from the fangs of a mountain lion that nearly preyed him in a California zoo.A family of 6 people was walking in the Whiting Ranch Wilderness Park in Lake Forest, California, when the painful accident occurred, as a 3-year-old boy was walking in front of his father before attacking, according to (Sky News). He suddenly had a mountain lion.

The site showed that the lion that suddenly appeared picked up the child from his neck, but the father quickly struck the lion with a backpack, which made that predator get away with the little boy, took the bag instead, and jumped to one of the park’s trees.

The Orange County Fire Department said the child was taken to a hospital, where doctors confirmed his condition was stable, while park officials said that lion had been killed later.

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