A government must be formed quickly, and security is not a solution


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

The resigned Lebanese prime minister, Saad Hariri, criticized the delay in forming the new government, calling for speeding up the matter because the country can no longer afford to delay.

He also considered that the use of security to confront people is not a solution, but rather a crisis. He said in a series of tweets on Twitter after Monday Two nights of violent confrontations in downtown Beirut “The army and all security forces assume their responsibilities in enforcing laws and preventing breaches of civil peace, and bear the consequences of confrontations with popular movements every day.” He added that “the continuation of the security spiral facing the people means going through the crisis and insisting on denying the new political reality.”

Government urgently

To that, he made it clear that his government resigned in order to move to a new government that deals with popular changes, but the disruption has been going on for ninety days, as he put it.

He also warned that the country is moving towards the unknown, considering that “the team concerned with forming a government takes its time to search for the gender of the ministry,” in reference to the continued procrastination in forming the government despite the lapse of a month since the naming Designated President Hassan Diab.

From downtown Beirut (January 18 - AFP 9)
From downtown Beirut (January 18 – AFP 9)

He stressed that what is needed urgently is a new government that will achieve a minimum gap in the dead-end wall and stop the chain of collapse and the economic and security repercussions, which are worsening day by day, adding that “the continuation of business is not the solution, so stop wasting time and be a government that bears responsibility.”

Hariri’s statements come after two days of violent demonstrations in the Lebanese capital, where dozens of demonstrators and security personnel were injured, in addition to breaking a number of storefronts and banks.

Since October 17, Lebanon has been living under the influence of popular movements, which were launched to denounce the ruling political class that protesters accuse of corruption and quotas, and hold them responsible for the deteriorating living and economic situation.

Since the resignation of Al-Harir on the impact of the popular movement, on October 29, the economically threatened country lives without a government, although Diab was named on December 19 in order to form a new government, but the differences between the ruling political parties have prevented until the moment from birth.


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