A “fishy feeling” could be a sign of a deadly cancer!


Cancer symptoms vary depending on where the tumor appeared and how it spread to the body, so it is very important to recognize the warning signs as soon as they appear because the results depend on the stage of application of the treatment.

Cancer occurs as a result of uncontrolled growth of abnormal cells in the body, which develop when the body’s natural control mechanism stops working, and cancer can begin almost anywhere in the human body.

While some symptoms of cancer may be relatively mild in severity, other symptoms may be more distinct.

For example, if a person experiences pain that usually begins with a feeling of “discomfort” in a particular bone when touched, it may indicate bone cancer.

The British National Health Service revealed that this pain gradually progresses to a persistent pain or soreness that comes and goes, and continues at night and at rest.

What is bone cancer?

Cancer research in the UK has shown that primary bone cancer is a rare type of cancer that begins in bone cells. It differs from secondary or metastatic bone cancer, which spreads to the bone, transmitting from anywhere else in the body.

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Signs in the nose may indicate cancer

Bone cancer can affect any bone, but most cases develop in the long bones of the legs or arms.

Other symptoms may include:

Persistent orthopedic pain that worsens over time and lasts until night.

Swelling and redness (inflammation) of the bone, which may make movement difficult if the affected bone is near the joint.

A marked tumor on the bone.

Weak bone, which breaks more easily than usual.

It is not known what causes most bone cancers, but some factors may increase your risk.

Cancer research in the United Kingdom revealed that there is a common misconception that bone injury can cause cancer, but this claim is not supported by the research.

Unlike lifestyle factors, pre-existing genetic conditions are the main risk factors associated with this condition.

Source: Express


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