A famous artist who announced her Islam is granted Saudi nationality


Lebanese actress Laila Iskandar – who declared her Islam and married a Saudi artist – announced that she obtained Saudi nationality, as the wife of a Saudi citizen.

In a video clip, the artist thanked a person named Abu Duaij, in what appeared to be a mediator to end the official procedures with the concerned authorities in the Kingdom.

Abu Duaij surprised the artist by highlighting her national identity during the video, saying: This is your identity, the identity of the wife of the Saudi citizen, Jacob Abu Youssef, and this was issued under the directions of the Minister of Interior and all the authorities that we were reviewing and that were cooperating to the utmost degree.

The Lebanese actress, Laila Iskandar, who participated in the first season of the famous program of competitions, Star Academy, announced her conversion to the Islamic religion in 2017, through a live broadcast on the application “Snapchat”, explaining that she had not announced this before.

She added that the decision to announce her marriage to the Saudi actor Yaqoub Farhan to the masses came upon his desire, saying: “The declaration of secret marriage was Jacob’s decision, because we are an Arab community, and the decision is for the man.”

She noted that she respected customs and traditions in Saudi Arabia, and that she wore a cloak when men entered the women’s hall at weddings.


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