A fake tweet about Walid Muallem’s death at the expense of a Lebanese minister


Source: Beirut – France Press

Lebanese media and activists have published on social media news about the death of the Syrian Syrian regime’s foreign minister, Walid al-Muallem, based on a tweet from a Twitter account bearing the name of the Lebanese foreign minister, Nassif Hitti, and the account was found to be forged.

And the publication of an account named up to a group of tweets in French and English confirming the death of the teacher. The news was very popular on social media, and was published by local media and Lebanese media, as was welcomed by Syrian opposition activists on Twitter.

Half an hour after the false news was published, the fake account published a tweet saying, “This account is a fake created by Italian journalist Tommaso di Benedetti,” famous for writing misleading news, before the account was later completely deleted from Twitter.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif even
Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif even
The fake Tweet
The fake Tweet

He also denied in a statement, “categorically denied,” that he had tweeted about any topic, explaining that “he did not finally open any account on Twitter,” noting that he had an account “he had not used for three and a half years.”

Later, the official Syrian television account on the “Telegram” application quoted the deputy foreign minister and expatriates in the Syrian regime, without mentioning his name, confirming that “there is no truth to the news pages of social networking sites” about the death of the teacher, “and added that it is” correct Good and continues his work as usual. ”

The Italian journalist, Benedetti (51), is famous for fabricating fake news and hoaxes, especially through “Twitter”, and has previously broadcast rumors about the death of Pope Benedict XVI and Spanish director Pedro Almodovar in 2012.

Even Thursday, he assumed his duties at the Lebanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs, two days after the announcement of the formation of a new Lebanese government of specialists in a country facing economic collapse and an unprecedented popular protest movement for more than 3 months.


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