A direct map of the spread of the new Corona virus in the world


John Hopkins University of America has published an interactive map of places of infection with the emerging coronavirus, a dashboard that tracks daily reported cases.

The map is based on data from the WHO and the National Health Commission of China, the “Centers for Disease Control and Prevention” and the Dingxiangyuan site, which collects injury reports in the regions where it occurs.

This map can be accessed through this link.

On Friday, the Chinese authorities confirmed the death of 15 more people in Hubei Province, from which the outbreak began, bringing the total number of deaths to 41.

The National Health Commission of China added that the virus has infected more than 1,287 people nationwide, highlighting the challenges facing health authorities in China and around the world to prevent a global epidemic.

The vast majority of cases and all deaths are in China, but the virus has been detected in Thailand, Vietnam, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Nepal, France and the United States as well.


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