A difference in your voice may warn you of a deadly disease


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A difference in your voice may warn you of a deadly disease


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Cancer is defined as a condition in which the malignant cells grow in a specific part of the body and multiply randomly without controls.

There are more than 200 different types of cancer, so the symptoms vary depending on where the disease begins and where it spreads.

Patients ignore many of the symptoms because they can be similar to those caused by simple and usual health conditions.

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Among the symptoms that are overlooked, although they may be more serious than believed, is the presence of a hoarse voice.

According to the UK Cancer Research Center, if a person’s voice changes and becomes thicker for more than 3 weeks, this may indicate a throat cancer.

“The throat is part of the throat located at the entrance to the trachea, and it plays an important role in helping to breathe and speak,” the British Health Services Authority explains.

According to the UK Cancer Research Center, the presence of a hoarse voice is usually the result of less serious diseases, such as acute laryngitis, which is caused by a cold, chest infection, excessive loud singing or screaming.

Experts point to the need to visit a doctor when the sound lasts for more than three weeks, especially in the presence of accompanying symptoms, and the main symptoms of throat cancer are: pain when swallowing or difficulty swallowing, swelling in the neck, long-lasting cough, persistent sore throat or soreness Ear, difficulty breathing in severe cases.

Some people may also experience bad breath, shortness of breath, a strong voice when breathing, unexplained weight loss or fatigue (extreme fatigue).

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