A decisive blow .. The death of the commander of the death squad in Naham and the families of its members


Source: Dubai- Arabia.net

Yemeni military sources said in the Naham front, east of the Yemeni capital, Sanaa, on Tuesday, that the so-called “battalion of death” of the Houthi militia was handed over to the National Army after the killing of its leader Jaber al-Muayyad, and the Houthi leader Yahya Muhammad Nasser Fadil, the recruiting official in the Naham front, along with dozens of elements Houthi militias.

The sources also confirmed that the remaining members of the Houthi battalion were handed over to the Yemeni army after confrontations that lasted for more than thirty hours, in the axis of Mayman Neham, during which the battalion was surrounded and forced to surrender.

That swift blow to the Houthi militia came in Naham, after he had investigated Yemeni army Several victories on that front, as the media center of the Yemeni Armed Forces announced Monday in a statement on Monday that “the national army managed to liberate a mountain range in the starboard of the Nahham front east of the capital, was under the control of the Houthi militia, pointing to the army’s continued progress in the escape and collapse Great among the putschists. ”

The Center also published a video clip of some of the battles the Yemeni army is waging against the Houthis in Naham.

It is noteworthy that the Yemeni army announced, on Sunday, that it had executed a successful solicitation of militia groups in the Huraib area of ​​Nahham Front, during which the coupists had inflicted more than 13 dead, including the commander of the groups called Abu Thabit al-Hashemi, while the rest of them escaped.


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