A cold wave in the regions .. 10 degrees in Jeddah until Friday – Saudi Arabia News


Dr. Mansour Al Mazroui, head of the Meteorology Department and Director of the Center for Excellence in Climate Change Research at King Abdulaziz University, expected that most of Saudi Arabia will be affected by a very cold air mass, especially on the northern regions, and its impact extends to the regions of Medina, Al Qassim, and Riyadh, then the impact extends to the eastern and southern regions. According to Mazrouei, in some areas, temperatures in the early morning will touch zero or below. And the wave effect continues until the middle of next week. In the coming days, snow is expected in some northern parts of the kingdom, as the eastern regions of the kingdom are affected by some rains with surface wind activity in some areas.Al Mazrouei said that the impact of the cold air mass on the Makkah Al-Mukarramah region, including Jeddah Governorate, will be maximum from today (Wednesday) to Friday, so that the temperature during the early morning period will reach 10 degrees Celsius or less, especially in the open and northern areas of it, while it is less than This is much the case in the highlands, including Taif, which may reach temperatures around 0 ° C. Then, temperatures rise again to their annual levels, starting from Saturday. The Makkah Al-Mukarramah region and its governorates (especially the interior ones and the northern ones, including Jeddah Governorate) may be affected by the activity of the eastern surface winds that raise dust and dust, at the beginning of next week.

In the meantime, the General Authority for Meteorology and Education in the Eastern Region issued a warning to the concerned authorities about weather fluctuations until Thursday. And I expected the passage of a cold block that would affect most regions of the Kingdom. Minimum temperatures may reach below zero in some areas such as the northern borders, Al-Jouf, Tabuk and Hail.

While I expected the minimum temperatures to reach zero degrees centigrade over parts of Al-Qassim and the northern parts of Riyadh and Madinah.

The Met Office report mentioned an opportunity for rain today (Wednesday) on parts of the northern borders, Al-Jouf, Tabuk and Al-Sharqiyah.

Meteorology indicated in its report that winds are active and may reach speeds of 45 km / hour, provoking dust and dust, especially during the day on the northern border areas, Al-Jawf, Tabuk, Hail, Al-Qassim, Riyadh, Eastern, Madinah, and Makkah. The authority did not exclude snowfall on A number of areas, including: Tabuk Heights, Al-Jawf, and the Northern Borders.


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