A bloody video … The moment of an Iraqi demonstrator sniper in Baghdad


Source: Dubai – Arabic.net

A video clip obtained by Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent showed the moment when one of the protesters was targeted by unknown bullets during the demonstrations today, Friday. Mohammad Al-Qasim Highway in Baghdad.

According to the Al-Arabiya and Al-Hadath correspondent, the dead protester was named Laith Ali, born in 2002, and was targeted by federal and riot police with a bullet in the head on the Muhammad al-Qasim Highway.

In addition, Iraqi medical sources announced, on Friday evening, that the death toll in Baghdad had risen to 6 killed and 54 wounded, of whom 2 had been killed in al-Kilani Square in the center of the Iraqi capital.

While Al-Arabiya / Al-Hadath correspondent reported intermittent confrontations between the security forces and protesters at the “Muhammad al-Qasim Highway”

And medical sources were quoted as saying, that 7 cases of suffocation were recorded among the demonstrators, after the security forces fired tear gas canisters.

In turn, a security source confirmed the return of the clashes between the demonstrators and the security forces on the vital road in the Iraqi capital, according to what Alsumaria TV reported.

Medical sources from Al-Tayaran Square, near Al-Tahrir Square, in central Baghdad, had reported earlier that one person was killed and 7 protesters were injured during an attack carried out by gunmen traveling in mass transport cars, at dawn on Friday.

In addition, eyewitnesses reported that armed men were traveling in mass transit buses on the Muhammad Qasim Highway, where they fired live bullets.

Since January 20, Iraq has witnessed clashes between a number of protesters and security forces, following the expiry of the deadline set by the demonstrators for politicians in the country to implement the demands of the movement, led by the formation of an independent government, and the holding of early parliamentary elections.


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