A beta update for WhatsApp that allows dark mode for users


The instant messaging application “WhatsApp” has received a feature that has been talked about lately, which is the official dark mode, so that the dark situation around which a lot of leaks appeared and its effects began to appear in the application interface and its programming instructions months ago, eventually available to users.

Dark in WhatsApp is called Dark in the selection interface, and it adds a dark green profile to the entire messaging user interface with some contrasting colors here and there.

According to the Arab Technology Portal, the main screen and settings menu are now dark color, but in the case of the chat interface, only chat bubbles may be dark, while the background is white or reflects any other color that users set as wallpaper.

But before going ahead and activating this feature, it should be noted that the dark mode is currently only available for trial versions so far, and there is no information regarding the time when the feature will be launched through the official stable version, but it should not take long.

The information related to the testing of “WhatsApp” a new dark situation for Android users appeared in the month of March of last year, and the Facebook-owned messaging program, which includes more than 1.5 billion active users per month as of early 2018, continued to hint for the next dark appearance until a month November from late last year.

Over the past two months, other applications from Facebook, including Instagram and Messenger, have received dark appearances on Android, however, WhatsApp has not acquired a darker status than other applications.

And the website tracking features of “WhatsApp” WABetaInfo revealed that “WhatsApp” recently introduced a new trial update (version through the program “Google Play” beta includes the new dark mode, and this mode can be tried by going to the application settings, and then Click Chats, then select the Dark option.

WABetaInfo says: “If users don’t initially see WhatsApp dark after installing the update, they should delete the latest version of the app and reinstall it from the Google Play Store, making sure to delete the app after backing up the chat history.

The dark mode feature is designed to reduce screen brightness by replacing the light-colored background and message bubbles with darker colors, and the dark mode makes it easy to deal with messages in low-light conditions, and the feature prevents the application from draining as much of the battery as possible.


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