30 Google Play apps steal personal data …. get to know it


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30 Google Play apps steal personal data …. Learn about it, today, Thursday, January 23, 2020 12:59 pm

The CyberNews research team has discovered that there are about 30 applications in the Google Play store that steal users ’personal data, infect phones with malware, and send pornographic images. The number of downloads of these applications has reached 1.4 billion downloads.

According to the technical site “phonearena”, the research team has created a list of these applications that includes camera applications, such as the application that is called the beauty camera, which has been installed more than 500 thousand times, which are applications that are usually used to add makeup filters to selfies , Or to edit and improve some of the lower quality images.

The researchers found that many of these applications collect the personal data of users without their permission, and sell them to external parties, as they add malicious programs that display ads continuously non-stop, or redirect their users to phishing sites, as well as send pornographic images and spy on them.

The Cybernews team analyzed the results of the top 30 beauty camera apps that appear in Google Play store search results, which have been installed more than 1.40 times, have serious problems, and more than half of these apps have been launched from Hong Kong and China.

These applications are considered harmful, as they include data collection codes, and upon downloading the application requests a set of unnecessary permissions such as access to the GPS system, and the phone number, in addition to checking for a broken phone protection, and its telecommunications company phone number, one of these applications requests that The user gives him 40 ears.

These malicious applications work to earn money for their developers, due to the display of full-function ads and the display of video ads in the background of the phone, and along with the information collected by these applications are very profitable thanks to the deals that were sold to the site’s data for users, and given that these applications are free , It attracts owners of Android phones who are looking to improve their appearance for selfie.

The list of the 30 applications that you should not install, or should be deleted immediately from your phone if you have already downloaded them, includes:

1. BeautyPlus – Easy
Photo Editor & Selfie Camera.

2. BeautyCam.

3. Beauty Camera –
Selfie Camera.

4. Selfie Camera –
Beauty Camera & Photo Editor.

5. Beauty

Camera Plus –
Sweet Camera & Makeup Photo.

6. Beauty Camera –
Selfie Camera & Photo Editor.

7. YouCam Perfect – Best
Selfie Camera & Photo Editor.

8. Sweet Snap – Beauty
Selfie Camera & Face Filter.

9. Sweet Selfie Snap –
Sweet Camera & Beauty Cam Snap.

10. Beauty Camera –
Selfie Camera with Photo Editor.

11. Beauty Camera – Best
Selfie Camera & Photo Editor.

12. B612 – Beauty &
Filter Camera.

13. Face Makeup Camera
& Beauty Photo Makeup Editor.

14. Sweet Selfie –
Selfie Camera & Makeup Photo Editor.

15. Selfie camera –
Beauty Camera & Makeup camera.

16. YouCam Perfect –
Best Photo Editor & Selfie Camera.

17. Beauty Camera Makeup
Face Selfie, Photo Editor.

18. Selfie Camera –
Beauty Camera.

19. Z Beauty Camera.

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