2.2 billion years old … exciting details of the world’s oldest pit, the secret of life on Earth


Place the oldest hole in

The place of the oldest pit in the world
The planet Earth was subjected to the fall of a lot of asteroids and comets on its surface, and thanks to the constantly changing surface of the Earth there are still a few of its effects, and the most prominent thing behind the fall of asteroids is a huge pit in Australia, which has the merit of life on Earth.

Scientists believe that this hole is more than just a sign of an asteroid’s fall, and the beginning of scientists ’knowledge of it dates back to 20 years when geologists Aaron Kavoussy from Curtin University in Australia estimated it to be about 2.229 billion years old, according to the science journal.

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Scientists knew at the time estimating its age, but no one knew that it is the oldest crater on the surface of the earth, and after years of study and analysis it became clear that it is the oldest crater on the earth and the oldest trace of an asteroid falling on the earth. In Western Australia, it is about 70 km wide.

The age of this crater is estimated to be half the Earth’s age, according to geological history. This crater, which has become part of it over time, contains a volcanic crater that contains many rare minerals and rocks.

Scientists suggest that when the meteorite hit this part over two billion years ago, it may have collided with an ice sheet, causing massive amounts of rock, ash, and dust, such as a massive volcanic eruption.

During this collision resulted in the evaporation of huge quantities of water resulting from thawing ice, and scientists suggest that the resulting water vapor is a cause of climate change and melting ice in more than one region around the world.

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