10 signs of hepatitis


German professor Wolfgang Fischbach said that hepatitis can be inferred by noticing some symptoms. What are they?

Symptoms of hepatitis include:

1- Severe and persistent fatigue.

2- Lethargy and inability to make the effort.

3- Flatulence.

4- Weight fluctuations.

5- Itching.

6- Limb pain.

7- Nausea and vomiting.

8- Yellowing of the skin and eyes.

9- Light stool color.

10- Dark color of urine.

The gastroenterologist explained that hepatitis is due to several reasons, including unhealthy nutrition and liver viruses (i.e.A(And me)B(C)C(Friendly)D (E), Diabetes and autoimmune diseases.

The doctor must be reviewed to perform the necessary tests, such as an analysis of liver function, in order to determine the true cause of hepatitis and treat it in a timely manner.

Generally, hepatitis patients are advised to stop smoking and reduce processed foods, trans fats and analgesics, in order to reduce the toxins that burden the liver as the toxin filtering center in the body.

It is also important to eat foods beneficial to the health of the liver, such as broccoli, cabbage, broccoli and spinach, as these vegetables contain “glucosinolates” that work to flush toxins from the body.



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