10 killed by the collapse of a wooden platform during a religious ceremony in Ethiopia – Erm News


10 dead, wooden platform collapsed during religious ceremony in Ethiopia

At least 10 people were killed, on Monday, and dozens were injured when a seating area collapsed during a major Christian celebration inEthiopia, Amid fears of a high death toll.

The accident occurred before eight o’clock in the morning on Monday (05:00 GMT) in Gondar, the historical city in the north of the country, where more than one million people gather annually for epiphany celebrations known as “Temakat”.

Two people at Gondar University Hospital said: 10 people died when crowd platforms suddenly collapsed in Vasiliides Bath, where thousands usually gather to watch believers dive in holy waters.

Another doctor at the hospital said: “I can say that we now have 10 dead. The number of wounded is 100 and maybe even 150. ” A second doctor confirmed the number.

Hundreds of people were sitting in a stepped wooden structure for hours before it collapsed. Witnesses who fled the scene said that an unspecified number had been crushed by the collapse, indicating that the number of dead and wounded could rise.

Another hospital source said that the wounded suffered from fractures and internal bleeding.

Ambulances found it difficult to disperse the crowd to enter the site and transport the victims to the hospital.

However, after the release of the dead and wounded, the festival resumed and continued until midday.

Ethiopia is well-known for its Orthodox Christian festivals, which attract worshipers and secular tourists, and is a major part of its tourism sector.


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